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Get movin' again

So getting off my butt has been a little rough.  And I can throw out excuse after excuse, but really, I'm just being lazy and becoming a cult follower of the definition:

[in·sane]- doing the same thing over and over again, hoping to get a different result.

Yep, that's pretty much me.  Hello, my name is Nakia and I am INSANE. 

Now you say, "Hello, Nakia."  because, I know many of you reading this are at the same meeting with me.

What the heck are we doing?  I have been eating and not eating, dieting and not dieting, and the list continues, now I am doing the vegetarian thing, of all the stuff I have done, this one does make me feel pretty good, but alone it does nothing.

I need to move.  I used to like moving.  Running was my thing a little bit ago and now my Rubied Apple has found a comfy spot on the sofa or in front of this here computer.

My question to you all...what are some fun things to get me movin' again?

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